At Rêve Morel, we work with Canadian schools to promote African studies through participation in our travelling art exhibitions.


Africa’s contribution to global history
We promote an understanding of Africa’s deep historical importance in the world.

Africa as a centre of diversity
We promote awareness of the cultural and social diversity of African/African diaspora cultures, religions, languages, music, literature, and film.

Africa’s socio-economic climate
We deepen participants knowledge of the challenges facing contemporary Africa in its global dimensions.

Africans cross-cultural experiences
We promote and deepen knowledge about the African diaspora experience, historically and in its contemporary dimensions.


My vision for Rêve morel is relatively simple but highly instrumental. I imagine a renewed society wherein, as an effect of our ongoing projects, Africans are embraced with genuine understanding and appreciation for the significance of their cross-cultural experiences and histories.

Because of my vision’s nature, I make presentations that come across as refreshing, delicate and most importantly, share a human connection.

Our installations transform regular campus spaces into an immersive art experience. We utilize unconventional locations including atriums, recreational spaces, meeting halls and more

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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